Average 45 minutes of time spent on whatsapp per day

Over 11 Million Active Whatsapp Account in Malaysia

Daily 30 Billion of messages sent on Whatsapp worldwide

Over 50% Malaysian Access Internet vie Mobile & 95% open rate of whatsapp message

World #1 messaging app in Malaysia based on number of active users

Average 45 minutes of time spent on whatsapp per day

Announce Your messages to audience & Explore New Market

Statistics & Figures

1 B

Total active Whatsapp users around the World

1 M

New Whatsapp users signing up everyday

50 B

Number of messages sent via Whatsapp everyday globally

21 B

Number of sms message sent everyday globally


Based on years experience in providing Whatsapp Marketing services in market, we consult the best knowledge to our client to reach the best result and explore new market to them. We can guarantee 100% sending rate to our clients.

Our Advantages

100% Sent Successful rate

Unlimited Text Content

Sending by Local Numbers

Image with caption

Audience direct reply to customer service number

Easy to Manage

Whatsapp Number Filter

Content Sent Rate

You can manage your content with no limitation to deliver your ads and reach the most Whatapp user/audience with our 100% sending rate.

Image Caption with Text

Our Whatsapp Marketing allow you to blast your message with image to a huge number whatsapp user to let them know what you gonna announce to them.

Share your ads to your audience

Sharing your ads to targeted audience and share to their family or friends to gain your brand awareness.

Targeted Demographics

Specific your ads to your targeted audience with filter by age, race, gender & location to give you the result that you need it.

Whatsapp Credits

1 Year Credit Validity

Image & Text

No software & Channels to purchase

Database limited to Malaysia Region ( Age, Race, Gender & Location )

Whatsapp Number Filtering

Campaign Scheduling

Delivery Report within 5 working days

Campaign launch requires at least 3 working days submission

Profile Picture

100% successful sending rate

Image Design Request Chargeable

100% payment upon confirmation before campaign launch

Whatsapp Pricing

From RM 0.04 / message

5000 – 10,000




message   – WM5

10,000 – 49,999




message   – WM10

50,000 – 99,999




message   – WM50

100,000 – 299,999




message   – WM100

300,000 or more




message   – WM300


How do we purchase the service from you?

Our pricing are based on the volume of your blasting requirements. Higher volume equates to lower per recipient price. Lower volume equates to higher pricing per recipient price. Please email us at support@webistry.com.my for more information.

How long does it takes to deliver the blasting

Delivery time is between 2 hours and 4 hours. It is also dependent on the number of whatsapp messages sent out per day.

Are we able to buy additional database from you?

Yes, we have database repository of more than 2 millions active whatsapp mobile numbers. Please email us at support@webistry.com.my for details

Is Email Marketing Services available ?

Yes, we provide email marketing service from the same Whatsapp Dashboard. We have a database repository of more than 3 million email addresses.

What type of messages can be sent each time.

From our self-help dashboard, you can send message of the following nature:

  • Text (2,000 characters)
  • Image (1 image)
  • Video (Maximum 10MB)
  • Link (2,000 characters)



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